OUR INFORMATION HAS CHANGED! We have moved! Airmilitaire Tactical Clothing & Gear L.L.C. now operates under our Doing Business As name or Dba: AIRCORPCAMO

our old URL

was corrupted or stolen by someone, so we came up with the pseudonym of AIRCORPCAMO.


Aircorpcamo will continue to operate at 2000 Hwy 101S, Greer SC on weekends only through at least the end of June 2018, but our base of operations has been moved from Chesnee, SC to Boiling Springs, SC as of 15 May 2018. New location is on Highway 9 near the Boiling Springs Walmart. An official opening announcement will come later on our Facebook page. Follow us at


New products at Airmilitaire LLC

Airmilitaire LLC is now officially a Distributor of Buffalo Bob’s Specialty Meat Snacks. Since 2008 we have distributed  more than twenty thousand sticks of this gourmet snack. It is not just beef jerky, but a delicious selection of the finest gourmet wild game meat snacks. Farm raised and FDA inspected wild game meats, blended with herbs and spices from an Old World European recipe and brought to the United States. The treats come in two forms as a round sausage style stick or genuine flat jerky sticks. The sausage style meat sticks available are Alligator Cajun, Alligator Mild, Wild Boar BBQ, Buffalo Mild, Buffalo Spicy, Elk Peppered, Kangaroo, Ostrich, Pheasant, Venison Fire, Venison Mild, Venison Teriyaki, Chorizo Mexican Style, Hawaiian Style Pork, Honey Ham, Jalepeno Pork, and Smoked Beef.
The flat jerky meat snacks available are Alligator BBQ, Alligator Cajun, Beef Pemmican, Wild Boar BBQ, Buffalo Smoked, Buffalo Chipotle, Elk Hickory Smoked, Kangaroo, Ostrich, and Venison Peppered. Each 1 ounce sausage stick is individually wrapped, vacuum sealed and dated for freshness, as is the .75 ounce flat jerky snacks.

We are an Authorized Distributor and if you wish to purchase wholesale for your retail location the minimum purchase is 270 snack sticks. We do sell retail at our location and you can order in quantity on our web site. MSRP for one stick is $2.09. Many retail locations vary in price depending on the economic area in which the store is located. I have customers in different locations and the retail price scale ranges from $1.49 each to $2 each or somewhere in between.

Being part of Team National

Airmilitaire L.L.C. is a member of the Team National Business Exchange. Airmilitaire LLC offers discounts to Team National Members. Airmilitaire LLC has cargo pants in 18 colors and sizes go up to 6XL. Tactical to practical clothing for work or play everyday in sizes for men, women, of children. Street tactical…street practical! Air Corp Camo is our alternate name. We have Vintage Paratrooper Fatigues and Accessories. Airmilitaire LLC is a Blackhawk Authorized Dealer, and sells the full line of Blackhawk Products Group through the link on our web site. Owner Chip Cason is an Independent Marketing Director with Team National. Airmilitaire L.L.C. is an online business registered with Dun & Bradstreet. Our web sites are listed below. our customer service number is 864-641-5151

2019 Update of Airmilitaire/Aircorpcamo

Airmilitaire Tactical Clothing & Gear L.L.C. also doing business as AIRCORPCAMO, closed the location at The Barnyard Flea Market, Hwy 101S Greer, SC on June 24, 2018.

Aircorpcamo relocated and opened in June of 2018 in Boiling Springs, SC.

store front
Aircorpcamo in beautiful Boiling Springs, South Carolina, located right on Highway 9 just 1/4 mile north of the Walmart on the right next door to Boiling Springs Small Engine Rent & Repair.

Checkout our pages/links listed below and follow us.

Airmilitaire Tactical Clothing & Gear LLC
Mil-Spec & Military Style Clothing, Accessories, & Tactical Gear
4252 S.C. Highway 9, Boiling Springs, SC 29316
Store: (864)345-2627
Hours: Tue.-Sat. 10:30 am-6:30 pm
Aircorpcamo is a ROTHCO authorized dealer.
Aircorpcamo is an authorized dealer of Altama, Smith & Wesson, and SWAT footwear.
Aircorpcamo offers promotional advertising products.
Aircorpcamo offers a military dog tag embossing service
Aircorpcamo offers Team National products and services.
Aircorpcamo no longer offers Blackhawk products.
Aircorpcamo no longer offers Belleville footwear.


Business Closed, Moved, Re-Opened!

UPDATE: Aircorpcamo which was located in The Barnyard Flea Market, 2000 Highway 101S, J-44, Greer, SC 29651 was CLOSED on 24 June 2018.

NEW LOCATION OPENED JUNE 6TH 2018 (Anniversary of “D” Day The Normandy Invasion)

Airmilitaire Tactical Clothing & Gear LLC, Dba: Aircorpcamo Tactical Clothing and Gear

4252 Highway 9, Boiling Springs, SC 29316


Products and Services we provide in example are hard to find mil-spec clothing and gear, GSA Approved items, Military dog tags, Promotional Advertising Specialties, Group Buying membership, long term storage food, military and police gear, work uniforms for law enforcement, public service, emt, ems, firefighters, etc.

Affiliations: (Authorized Dealer/Distributor)

Rothco, Kaeser and Blair Inc., Buffalo Bob’s, Team National,

Member of Spartanburg Area Chamber of Commerce

Member of National Rifle Association

Member of the American Legion

Member of the South Carolina State Guard

Retired Member United States Air Force Security Forces


Open for business

Airmilitaire Tactical Clothing & Gear LLC Dba: AIRCORPCAMO is an authorized dealer of Rothco (mil-spec fatigues & footwear), Original Footwear Co. (distributors of Altima, Smith & Wesson, SWAT footwear) We can order MREs (fresh) by the case. We are an authorized dealer of Kaeser and Blair Inc. and we can order promotional products. We can make dog tags. All our retail merchandise is brand new! We sell used military gear on consignment for individuals we do not purchase from individuals. All public service and military get 10% off their purchase when they show their ID.

We opened on June 6 2018 in Boiling Springs, SC and closed the Greer, SC location on 24 June 2018.

We are expecting to have internet and phone hard wired in by Friday July 13th which will greatly enhance or service to you our customers.

All your purchases can be sent to your email address and we do not share your information with anyone.

We have over 40 feet of clothes rack space and over 36 feet of multi tier shelf space to display camouflage clothing for men, women and children.

We have over 48 feet of gondola space to display holsters, bandanas, paracord bracelets, pouches, bags, belts, scarves, infants wear, thermal underwear, facemasks, etc.

we have 40 feet of bins with all kinds of caps, hats and berets.

Visit us at 4252 (SC) Highway 9, Boiling Springs, SC 29316



We are expanding into a new location opening soon in Spartanburg SC area.

AIRCORPCAMO offers the full line of Rothco products as an Authorized Dealer. Aircorpcamo also offers Army approved footwear with brands like Rothco, SWAT, Altima, Smith & Wesson. Aircorpcamo offers Promotional Advertising Specialties as an Authorized Dealer of Kaeser & Blair Inc. Aircorpcamo is also an Authorized Distributor of Buffalo Bob’s Specialty Meat Snacks, available Wholesale or Retail. Tentatively scheduled to open sometime in June 2018. Follow AIRCORPCAMO on Facebook at to keep updated on our progress.

Location is 1200 square feet compared to 400 square feet currently operating in and will be known as AIRCORPCAMO TACTICAL CLOTHING & GEAR  and will be located at:

4252 Highway 9

Boiling Springs, SC 29316

Parent company is Airmilitaire Tactical Clothing & Gear LLC solely owned and operated by Spartanburg native Clifton W Cason also known as Chip. Chip was a 1976 graduate of Spartanburg High School, also a graduate of Spartanburg Methodist College, The Community College of the Air Force, Air Force NCO Academy, and Limestone College and served 35 years in the United States Air Force serving in Strategic Air Command, Military Airlift Command, Air Mobility Command and Air Force Reserve Command serving 34 of those years as a Security Police Officer and 12 of those years on active duty, including a 187 day tour in Northern Iraq.

Pistol and Rifle Magazines are NOT Clips!

Pistol and Rifle Magazines are not clips!

Posted by Clifton Cason, Technical Sergeant, US Air Force & Ready Reserve, Security Forces, Retired, on 17th Apr 2018

Pistol and Rifle Magazines ARE NOT CLIPS!

A large populace of folks uneducated in the nomenclature of firearms and accessories are calling a magazine a clip. This is totally incorrect!

Clip: one piece stamped steel with no separate independently moving parts. Used to load rifles with internal. non removable magazines.

Magazine: usually a detachable firearm accessory containing several independently moving parts.

The parts: body, base, spring, and follower.

Used Military Issue NOT Surplus Just Used

There is much misrepresentation of what military surplus is. A false understanding of what military surplus is dates back to the American Civil War. Genuine Military Surplus is not used goods. Issued (used) military gear is just what it is “Used Goods”

Now genuine surplus is all new unissued/unused surplus where the Department of Defense (DOD) Contractor produced more than was ordered in the contract by the DOD. Uniforms for instance can be made to military specifications (mil-spec) and not be military issue. The military goods delivered to the military like flight jackets have DOD labels, but the surplus mil-spec goods do not have and are not required to have that DOD issue label.