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New products at Airmilitaire LLC

April 25, 2009

Airmilitaire LLC is now officially a Distributor of Buffalo Bob’s Specialty Meat Snacks. Since 2008 we have distributed  more than twenty thousand sticks of this gourmet snack. It is not just beef jerky, but a delicious selection of the finest gourmet wild game meat snacks. Farm raised and FDA inspected wild game meats, blended with herbs and spices from an Old World European recipe and brought to the United States. The treats come in two forms as a round sausage style stick or genuine flat jerky sticks. The sausage style meat sticks available are Alligator Cajun, Alligator Mild, Wild Boar BBQ, Buffalo Mild, Buffalo Spicy, Elk Peppered, Kangaroo, Ostrich, Pheasant, Venison Fire, Venison Mild, Venison Teriyaki, Chorizo Mexican Style, Hawaiian Style Pork, Honey Ham, Jalepeno Pork, and Smoked Beef.
The flat jerky meat snacks available are Alligator BBQ, Alligator Cajun, Beef Pemmican, Wild Boar BBQ, Buffalo Smoked, Buffalo Chipotle, Elk Hickory Smoked, Kangaroo, Ostrich, and Venison Peppered. Each 1 ounce sausage stick is individually wrapped, vacuum sealed and dated for freshness, as is the .75 ounce flat jerky snacks.

We are an Authorized Distributor and if you wish to purchase wholesale for your retail location the minimum purchase is 270 snack sticks. We do sell retail at our location and you can order in quantity on our web site. MSRP for one stick is $2.09. Many retail locations vary in price depending on the economic area in which the store is located. I have customers in different locations and the retail price scale ranges from $1.49 each to $2 each or somewhere in between.


Being part of Team National

April 25, 2009

Airmilitaire L.L.C. is a member of the Team National Business Exchange. Airmilitaire LLC offers discounts to Team National Members. Airmilitaire LLC has cargo pants in 18 colors and sizes go up to 6XL. Tactical to practical clothing for work or play everyday in sizes for men, women, of children. Street tactical…street practical! Air Corp Camo is our alternate name. We have Vintage Paratrooper Fatigues and Accessories. Airmilitaire LLC is a Blackhawk Authorized Dealer, and sells the full line of Blackhawk Products Group through the link on our web site. Owner Chip Cason is an Independent Marketing Director with Team National. Airmilitaire L.L.C. is an online business registered with Dun & Bradstreet. Our web sites are listed below. our customer service number is 864-641-5151

August 8, 2017

Airmilitaire Tactical Clothing & Gear LLC no longer uses the web address it goes to some chinese web site which is not affiliated with the American owned and operated company.

Our NEW web address since it’s launch several years ago now is

Aircorpcamo sells as an authorized dealer of Rothco, authorized distributor of Buffalo Bob’s Specialty Gourmet Meat Snacks, authorized dealer of Kaeser and Blair Inc. Promotional Advertising Specialties, and an Independent Marketing Director of Team National.

Rothco, Buffalo Bob’s Jerky, Kaeser & Blair Inc., Team National, Your Name on Products Promotional Advertising Specialties, Palmetto Sutler Trading Company, Sarge’s Surplus Camouflage Clothing and Equipment, Basic Issue, Government Issue, Military Equipment, Military Field Uniforms, Battle Dress Uniforms, Battle Rattle, Military Footwear, Military Backpacks, Hydration System Packs, Hydration Bladders, Airsoft Guns and accessories, camping gear, outdoor cooking utensils, camping cookware, Head gear-caps,hats,boonies,headwraps,bandanas


August 8, 2017

Airmilitaire Tactical Clothing & Gear LLC has created a new presence on the web known as AIRCORPCAMO  which has been present for several years now.

The business has experienced many changes and transformations. We must announce that we have lost our dealership priviledge with Belleville Boot Company due to low activity. Seems after telling me that they we not concerned with low volume, they changed their mind and dropped me like a hot rock, But that’s OK!, I prefer not to do business with wishy washy people, they can’t be trusted. A good business is built on trust, and you must have the trust of your customers in order to build customer loyalty. But the younger generation appartently does not realize that fact, because they do not practice the philosophy.

In these ever changing times I have noticed the younger generation coming out of America’s High Schools can not conduct basic simple math solutions when it comes to making change for a transaction because they are too reliant on computers.  Even the education system has lost focus on the goal of preparing and educating yoiung people to enable them to function in society and the business world, are now apparently only concerned with the bottom line and prestige. Limestone College which I recently attended in their MBA program, dismissed me because my GPA fell from a “B” average to a “C” average for an extended periond and I was only three classes away from graduating. I have never known any other school to do that. The Federal Government only requires a “C” average to receive financial assistance. I had three classes left, which is three chances to raise my GPA back to a “B” average or a low “A” average.  If they are not concerned with really helping a 59 year old US Military Veteran to receive his MBA in Business, this veteran will go somewhere else. As Paul Harvey used to say “Good Day!”

Belleville Boot Company is 108 years old

January 14, 2015

Aircorpcamo announces the addition of Belleville Boot Company to it’s supply list and as a NEW Authorized Dealer for Belleville Boot Company. Aircorpcamo located online at and an outlet shop located at The Barnyard Flea Market in Suite J-44, 2000 Highway 101S, Greer, SC 29651 hours of operation are 0830-1530 (8:30am to 3:30pm) Saturday and Sunday only. Come by and see Chip Cason or order online from the web site 24/7. Thank you for your business and “Aim High”

Airmilitaire Tactical Clothing & Gear LLC announces addition of Belleville Boots

January 14, 2015

Yes the reliability, quality, durability and comfort of Belleville Boots are available at Airmilitaire Tactical Clothing and Gear LLC also DBA Aircorpcamo. Belleville has been providing boots to our US Military since the first World War and the company itself is over one hundred years old.


Belleville Boot continues to be the leading provider and innovator of combat, protective, flight and tactical military boots for the US Department of Defense (DoD)

At 108 years old and over 1 million pairs of military boots sold annually, Belleville is still the oldest and largest US military boot provider.

Airmilitaire Update

February 7, 2010

Just recently returned from a 6 month deployment to Kirkuk RAB, Iraq and conducted several updates to web site. Uploaded a video to YouTube to advertise my web site and generate more hits and orders.
I’ve been to hell and back and don’t want to go again.

Air Corp Camo

May 14, 2009

Airmilitaire LLC announces the addition of a new web address url to associate the site with a line of clothing carried known as Vintage Paratrooper Fatigues and Accessories. The clothing line is listed on, but only and now provides the cart with which to purchase the items online. Airmilitaire LLC or Air Corp Camo is an online army navy store with new brands and products and offering both authentic military items and military style items, from hats to boots, from head to toe, we’ve got you covered. Military: hats, caps, boots, vests, shirts, pants, fatigues, uniforms, flightsuits, coveralls, socks, t-shirts, shorts, underwear, thermals, polypropylene, knives, tents, rope, para cord, rappeling gear, tactical gear, belts, pouches, packs, duffle bags, shoulder bags, air mattresses, sleeping bags, chem-lite sticks, surplus items, and used items, Blackhawk Authorized Dealer, Buffalo Bob’s Specialty Meat Snacks, Ultimate Prowax, Rothco, Warbirds Fans